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Truest (2023)


Ki Cafe (2023)


Valee McLennan Real Estate Team (2023)

Full-length Listings

Christopher Corbett (2023)

Sizzle Reel & Editorial Photos

Table Tutors (2023)

Open House Recap

Pink Dress (2023)


Limbo for All (2023)

Highlight Reel Editing


We specialize in videography, photography, email marketing, social media strategy, and content creation. Whether you need captivating visuals or strategic online presence, we've got you covered with a blend of creativity and precision. We offer both à la carte and packaged services.

video production

& photography

Our video production & photography services cover a spectrum of needs, including promotional videos, commercials, and corporate videos.

Video Production & Scriptwriting: From creative conceptualization to professional shooting and expert direction, we bring your ideas to life with engaging video content.

Video Editing: Elevate your content with our post-production expertise. Our editing services cover everything from fine-tuning visuals with colour grading to enhancing the audio experience through sound design.

Photography: From behind-the-scenes shots during video production to high-quality product and portrait photography, we create visually stunning imagery for your brand.

Video Marketing: We develop comprehensive strategies, plan compelling content, and distribution ensuring your content reaches the right audience through the most effective channels.


& communications

Our integrated approach leverages the power of video to convey messages, promote products, and engage with your target audience:

Digital Marketing: Harnessing the latest online strategies, we boost brand visibility and engagement.

Content Creation & Strategy: From social posts, e-newsletters, annual reports and more, crafting compelling content that aligns seamlessly with your brand narrative.

Event Marketing: Creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Copywriting: From taglines to persuasive messaging, we ensure your brand speaks with clarity and conviction.

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meet the team

Dave Dimapilis

studio head

Motivated by a vision to redefine visual storytelling, Dave is ​the driving force behind NEWSENSE STUDIO. With an ​unwavering dedication to storytelling and a commitment to ​excellence, he oversees the team of talented individuals ​dedicated to bringing creative visions to life.

PJ Prinsloo

video production &

content creation

A versatile creative force, PJ has seamlessly transitioned from captivating audiences under the spotlight to crafting compelling visuals behind the camera. From concept to execution, PJ brings a unique flair and passion to every project, breathing life into each story.

MJ Dimapilis

marketing &


MJ has a passion for creativity, outside-the-box thinking, and finding simple, but innovative ways to enhance brand visibility and reach. With over a decade of experience, across a spectrum of industries, she amplifies brands through diverse communication channels and imaginative experiences, ensuring lasting impact.

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